Our Code of Conduct

  • We are a company that, through our Total Quality management model, seeks the satisfaction of five components: “The Boss”, as we internally call the client, the Employee, the Supplier, the Company and the Capital. For this, it is our priority to communicate clearly what are the principles that guide us in our way of acting. With this objective, we have prepared a Code of Conduct whose mission is to ensure compliance with our values and the Law:


We must all comply with the laws and regulations that regulate the Company's activity in each country.

Integrity and responsibility

Maintaining a relationship of honesty and trust with the “Bosses”, Workers, Suppliers and Society is essential to fulfill our Mission. We want to transmit and demand from all the components to which this Code is applicable a loyal, diligent, efficient behavior and action focused on the satisfaction of the five components.


The “pride of belonging” in Mercadona must be a constant that presides over the actions of each and every one of us who make up Mercadona and that serves as a guide for the fulfillment of the Mission, feeling that we are an integral part of Mercadona.